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Hi! I’m Jade.

I recently decided to start blogging again. Very recent, July 2015. I used to blog many years ago but real life (work/uni/family) became priorities.

As the blog is written by me, I want my personality to shine through the words, so I will type as I would speak to friends.

I will use it as a platform to showcase my loves & loathes. And most probably some random photos of things I see on my travels.

Until about 4/5 years ago, I would hide in baggy tops and jeans. When people make comments enough, you start to believe them. Especially when it’s family.

Then one day, I tried on a 50s style dress at work (I worked in fashion retail for 10 years), and actually didn’t hate what I saw in the mirror.

Something in me snapped, and I thought – sod it!

I have always had a love for 40s/50s style dresses, but up until then never embraced it. Now my wardrobe is bursting with pretty dresses, and I don’t fear wearing my favourite Ruby Woo red lipstick!

There is only one rule for this blog:

No body shaming.

I will not tolerate any form of bullying/snarking.

All items that I review, I have purchased myself unless otherwise stated. My opinions are my own.

Why the name ‘The Courts Flower?

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I always have been, and always will. The character Fleur Delacour means ‘ The Flower of the Court’


I am 30 (17/08/1984)

I am definitely a Ravenclaw girl.

I have a degree in Geology.

I have a star named after me.

I love my cats. They are my little furry babies.

I have two lightsabres.

I have a large collection of Lego (mainly Harry Potter)

Did I mention I’m a bit of a geek? (you probably guessed)

I do no conform to the masses, which explains my quirky traits. I stand firmly by what I believe in.

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