Posted on September 6, 2015

August Memories

My lack of activity was due to too much activity off of the World Wide Web…

It was my 31st birthday in August, and had a couple of weeks off of work and did lots of lovely little things.

On my actual birthday I was treated to a lovely surprise trip to London to see the Phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantom of the Opera! It was my second time seeing it, and it was just as brilliant!! I was also partial to a little visit to the Häagen-Dazs restaurant on Leicester Square.


How yummy does that look? Even more yummy in real life, I tell you! A def must visit.

I also went to Bath for a couple of days. I have never really visited that part of England before, but I completely fell in love with the place. I will upload my photos soon!

I was walking past a charity shop, and they had a signature collection of Harry Potter books for sale. I scurried in and made them mine! I like buying different editions of the HP series and Pride & Prejudice <3

Anyway, just thought I would explain my absence. I have a few dresses to review, which I need to get my skates on with.

Oh! And I am super excited about about Scarlett & Jo’s new collection, as they keep teasing everyone with on their Instagram. Also adding to this, that they have named it ‘Once Upon A Time’ makes me giddy, as at present I am highly addicted to the series on Netflix, and for my love of all things fairytale and magical! I have seen quite a few pieces that I am sure will end up in my wardrobe, so they may as well just take my wonga now! I am after a new LBD for my up and coming choir concerts in November/December, and I think I may have just found what I am after!

Stay tuned!

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