Posted on July 31, 2015

Scarlett & Jo are going dotty!


I love dots! I truly do. I think they suit everyone. And seeing them makes me happy.

So how did I feel when I saw two teaser posts on Scarlett & Jo‘s Instagram earlier this evening?


No word of a lie.

First we have this little beauty:

more dots

V Necks are one of my best friends, being an overly ample busted doll. And it looks like it nips you in at the waist – another BBF.

Then we have this:



A hint of a sleeve (S & J you are really ticking all my boxes)! I am loving the look of the top half of this. Can’t quite work out the bottom.

I am not confident wearer of tight-bottomed dresses, which the teaser hints at. But I am thrilled about the top half. It looks elegant/classy, and a little cheeky show of the jubblies.

Hurry up new collection, my wardrobe awaits!

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