Posted on August 10, 2015

Voodoo Vixen – Cat & Flower!

Voodoo Vixen Cat Flower

Let’s take a moment to bask in the gloriously fabulous print that is the new Voodoo Vixen dress


20150810_175652 copy

Even my kitty, Mr Pig (he grunts when he purrs) came for a nose.

I loved Connie, and as soon as I saw the same cut dress in this awesome print, I couldn’t add it to my basket quick enough!

I bought her on the Simply Be website, and as of yet have not seen it on the Voodoo Vixen site. As this is the case, she is only available in L-4XL Voodoovixensize

As for the fit, same as Connie. I am a 24 due to the jubblies, and I went with a 3XL.

And let’s give some love to the pockets! <3 More dresses should have pockets. I love all the detailing, from the piping on the edges, to the pleats in the pockets. And they are a good size too. In some of my photos, I have a camera, inhaler and mobile!



(sorry for the blur!)

Capped sleeves are cute. I still hate showing the tops of my arms, but this made me feel less self conscious

20150810_192013 copy

Random pictures:

 20150810_175822  20150810_175715     20150810_192535


Would I recommend? ABSOLUTELY! It is super comfy, and a great length. I am 5’6″ and it comes a couple of inches below my knee.

I like how the print, on first glance would seem like a floral type of one, but then you notice the kitties! And that a lot of different coloured cardigans would go with it. Although, you can buy the matching one >>here<<.

My only dismay, is the belt – I like a bit more structure from a belt, and feel like as the day wore on, the material would kind of bunch up. I may see if I can stiffen it up with my handy sewing machine.

I am also besotted with Joni. I am hoping for some pennies for my birthday next week, to put towards her. I adore nautical prints, and I was super excited when I saw that she is now available in all sizes! YAY


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